Built Area
3000 sqm.


Clubhouse at Angul,

A Small Club for the Township at Jindal Steel and Power, Angul, Odisha

Within the township designed by SGA for Jindal Steel and Power at Angul, Odisha--a township for what will become the largest steel plant in the country--the club becomes an important project. It symbolises the cultural centre for the population of 5000 and becomes a pavillion piece to the large sports field and facilites next door. Designed in steel, manufactured a kilometer away, and local stone, the building speaks of simplicity and tranquility.



The clubhouse is the repose at the end of a working day. It is the place where people meet their dear friends and colleagues outside a formal work environment. It is where official designations dissolve and basic human values are restored. It is where the speed of a work day needs to come to a grinding halt. It is where time must stop ticking.The design of the building has therefore been viewed as components frozen in time.  The programmatic requirements have been separated into blocks which come together loosely around a water body. The water provides a sense of floating functions that have been momentarily captured as they threaten to drift away into independant realms: oases where people, lost in recreational activity, lose track of time and worldly realities. The elements of the buildings too drift away from each other in this snapshot view of flowing time. The roof hangs above the walls, walls float above floors, columns peel away from walls and so on.


Materials and Technology

This metaphoric notion of 'time-less' floating also helps a construction where different material technologies engage each other: Stone masonry, steel fabrication, patented 'speedflor' slab construction technology in light-guage prefab steel girders and concrete, partition brickwork in flyash construction etc. Their separation helps their construction sequence and a way for different agencies to operate independantly.


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See also ...

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