Ministry of Urban Development


Advantage has been taken of the site, which faces a major road, by allowing a strip of commercial development to make the project viable, and at the same time, provide shopping and other community facilities.


IYSH Housing, Shahdra

A demonstrative housing in keeping with traditional ways of building with new materials for the weaker section of the society.

The attempt of this demonstrative housing was to develop settlements in keeping with the life style of the people while achieving high densities through adoption of traditional court-yard planning that does not compromise the essential environmental quality. A scheme was devised to mobilize the weaker sections into cooperatives and to involve non-governmental organisations for shelter and community development. The construction would be under direct supervision of the users backed by professional construction management support. Direct purchase of materials and construction through labour contract and adoption of low cost building technologies developed by CBRI and other research organisations


This is the second demonstration project being taken up in Shahdra, East Delhi after Madipur Project in West Delhi. The Ministry of Urban Development, Slum Wing of the Delhi Development Authority and HUDCO are collaborating in this project with full support from Delhi Administration and Delhi Cooperative Housing Finance Society. While the All India Women’s Conference provided NGO support in the Madipur project,.the Shramik Vidyapeeth will do so in this project. The department of Building Technology and Management, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, will provide construction management support. As in the Madipur project the beneficiaries will be organised into cooperatives for shelter and community development with NGO support. The project aims to demonstrate the relevance of the cooperative movement to the weaker sections. The Madipur project projected a strong cluster condominium design concept. In this project, a street-court concept has been used to achieve high density without sacrificing essential environmental quality. A lowrise high density solution has been attempted which tries to integrate the social patterns of the poor with the built form. It explores the possibility of providing private open and incremental growth for each dwelling unit while achieving a density of nearly 200 units per hectare.

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